Baseline Integrations

Welcome to the core of what makes Baseline tick: Baseline Integrations. Go have a look at the existing integrations and start auditing your organizations.

Existing integrations

Service Baseline support Docs
Google Suite User access audit. Docs
Google Cloud Project access audit. Docs
GitHub Organization repo access audit. Docs
AWS AWS Organizations account audit. Docs
Slack Workspace user access audit. Docs
Cloudflare Account member audit. Docs
Wordpress (selfhosted) User audit. Docs
Intercom Admin audit. Docs
HubSpot Owner audit. Docs

Integration roadmap

We are tracking our integration planning on this page. If you see an integration is missing, send us a message on twitter, open a PR for this page or send an email to 🙏.

The following services support access to their organizational resources through an API. This means that integrating with them in an automated fashion is possible.

Service Github Ticket
Intercom Tbd.
Atlassian Tbd.
Trello Tbd.
Datadog Tbd.
GitLab Tbd.
Salesforce Tbd.
Dropbox Tbd.
Wordpress Tbd.
Sendgrid Tbd.
Basecamp Tbd.
Segment Tbd.
GitLab Tbd.
Shutterstock Tbd.
Adobe Tbd.
Trello Tbd.
New Relic Tbd.
Netlify Tbd.
Hootsuite Tbd.
Buffer Tbd.
Canva Tbd.

These services DO NOT! support access to their organizational resources through an API. This means that we can not fully automate the integration. We think it is pretty remarkable that these companies do not allow you to manage your access levels through an API. Maybe you can reach out to them and ask for broader support for this. Your data is your data in the end.

Service Github Ticket
Stripe Tbd.
DigitalOcean Tbd.
Auth0 Tbd.
Dockerhub Tbd.
Facebook Tbd.