Getting Involved

Hi awesome human 👋. You made it to the page about how to get involved 🥰. Here are a few things where we'd appreciate any input, thoughts or help:

Baseline Application

You can find the open source Baseline Application on GitHub. If you happen to run into any problems, we welcome any issues you open in the issue tracker.

Baseline Docs

Docs make or break a product. They can be a delightful experience or can be painful. We would love the Baseline Docs to be delightful. So if you find any issues or have feedback, please open an issue in the issue tracker.

Spread the love

It is surprising again and again how often we don't have a good picture of who in our teams has access to what. If you ever run into a company, person or team, or anyone really who you think could benefit from Baseline, please let them know 🙏.