Getting Started with Baseline

Welcome to Baseline 🎉 We're really happy that you made it to the documentation pages of Baseline. If you ever run into any issues which are not addressed by the docs, please reach out to us

Baseline Results.

How do I get access to Baseline?

Short answer: Head to and request an invite.

Longer answer: We decided to make Baseline invite-only for now. We do this because we want you to have a delightful experience when you try out Baseline for the first time. This means that we aim to cover every external service you are using. This takes a bit of time. When you request an invite, we ask you to share the services which you are using. There is a high chance that we already support your needs, and if so, we'll send you an invite right away. If not, we will prioritize the missing integrations and let you know once they have launched. Eventually, once we support a big party of services used by you, we will open Baseline to everybody. In any case, head over to and request an invite :)

Getting started with Baseline

For more information on how to use the Baseline Application, header over to our dedicated docs.

Baseline integrations

We are continuously expanding the list of supported SaaS service for you. Head over to the integrations section of the documentation.

Getting involved

We would appreciate it a lot if you share any suggestions, ideas or errors on these doc pages with us. There are different ways for you to contribute to Baseline. Head over to the getting involved section of the documentation.